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Laser Applications

Dual Pulsed Fiber Laser

Fiber Laser Application Technology by ITRI Taiwan

Laser Application Technology

Laser Metal Forming and Processing Technology are the latest investment in Laser application technology. While applications including laser cutting, laser drilling, laser heterogeneous/homogeneous welding, laser texturing, laser hardness, laser cladding, and laser metal deposition.

It currently has a broad application for the processing of metal board/tube members, mold, conveyors, fasteners, hand tools, etc. While can be applied to various industries such as hand tools, automotive parts, photoelectric components, sports equipment and goods, construction materials, and cultural/creative/jewelry arts.

Development of Transparent Substrate Laser Processing Technology is also a focused development by ITRI.While this including laser etching, laser cutting, laser crack trimming (edge protection), laser micro drilling, laser patterning, etc.

Processing of tempered class, plain glass, transparent conductive films, sapphire, wafer, etc. is possible now. Associated applications include the manufacturing of machine tools, automotive parts, photoelectric components, and construction materials.


gLaserTrim can determine optimum parameters which guarantee precise control of the temperature of the laser and the area where the laser will work. By shining a laser beam on the rough edge of the glass substrate, gLaserTrim induces a thermal shock via the rising temperature.

The thermal shock can remove micro-cracks along the edges thereby smoothing the edges and improving the strength of the glass. The bending force of the trimmed 0.1mm multi-layer ultra-thin glass enhanced to more than 500MPa. The ITRI technology increase in bend radius.

Glaser Trim

Transparent and Brittle Materials Laser Cutting Technology

Transparent and Brittle Materials Laser Cutting Technology reduces the glass strength by creating a laser modified reaction inside glass via ultra-fast laser mechanism. The cutting-edge quality reaches chipping of ≤10μm and Ra~2μm without kerf width and grinding process. The technique can simplify process flows and decrease costs to improve industry’s competitiveness.

Glass Cutting
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