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Laser Cutting Copper and Brass with a Fiber Laser Cutting System

If you want to laser cut copper or brass, the proper tool is a fiber laser cutting system.

For most other metals CO2 lasers will also work well but the high reflectivity of copper and brass to 10,600 nm laser light (the wavelength of CO2 laser light) make CO2 lasers inappropriate for cutting copper and brass. Fiber lasers also have the advantage of being able to cut all metal types and are rapidly becoming the laser of choice for all metal cutting applications.

Fiber laser cutting systems are capable of producing very precise cuts with a high degree of detail. Since we added the Jimani Laser Cube to our job shop we’ve tested out just how precise cuts can be with this system. You can see the detail and precision we’re able to achieve with our Laser 

Cube cutting system in the example below.

laser cutting copper

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Our job shop laser cutting business is a new addition to our laser marking business, which consists mainly of laser marking and engraving small to medium sized runs of small parts. Our fiber laser cutting system allows us to cut all metals including brass, copper, and bronze. Contact us to learn more about our metal laser cutting services!

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