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Rotary Laser Marking with the Hybrid Fiber Laser

We used the Jimani hybrid laser marking system to quickly rotary mark cylindrical objects like pens and mugs.

We originally tested out the new Prolase feature, Prolase DCS, to rotary mark pens but, as you can see in the video, we took this approach a step further and used the same software and set up to also mark a mug.

In addition to using Prolase DCS, we also used a unique set up to facilitate the fast marking of cylindrical objects. We used a direct drive servo motor with the chuck that holds the part mounted directly to the motor shaft. The entire set up is configured to reduce the indexing time so that a part can be marked with very small “tiles” and the indexing time becomes insignificant in terms of total process time.

The marking system we used to achieve this is the Jimani Hybrid System, which is a low-cost fiber laser marking system that is designed to be easy to use and versatile.

You can learn more about our hybrid fiber laser system here or check out some of our previous articles about the system below.

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