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ATACO Steel Products invests in 12 kW fiber laser – Industrial Laser Solutions Magazine

Sheet metal fabricator ATACO Steel Products (Cedarburg, WI) has invested in a 12 kW fiber laser machine that will be producing parts upon delivery in March 2021.

With its high processing speed and reproducible part quality, the Trumpf TruLaser 5030 Fiber laser machine offers solid-state 12 kW laser power, with capability to cut mild steel up to 30 mm thick and standard sheet sizes of 3000 × 1500 mm with a max weight of 1800 kg for one pallet.

Features include dynamic drives, high axis speeds, and a high degree of automation in custom steel laser cutting. With the new fiber laser machine, capabilities for ATACO now include:

  • Using the RollBend tool, ATACO technicians will be able to create small flange lengths, and moldings and holes, close to the bending line without risking deformation.
  • With 150 upper and lower tools in stock, the company will secure the necessary tools to produce clients unique applications.
  • The company will be able to quickly create Zbends at a station or folds without retooling.
  • The TruBend Series 5000 laser can be set up automatically for each new program. This feature saves time and effort, particularly on small lot sizes.
  • Its optical ACB laser utilizes a non-contact system for angle measurement with no setup required. Two measuring units—each consisting of a laser and camera—move both in front of and behind the bending line independently of one another. The laser projects a line on the sheet and the camera detects it and calculates the bending part angle. The process is completely mark-free and great for acute and obtuse angles, large radii, and thick sheet metal.
  • Two sensor disks measure and correct angles. This ensures precise angles are perfect which is great for short flanges, interior tabs, and reflecting surfaces.
  • Thickness control bending (TCB) adjusts for varying seat sizes from batch to batch.
  • Sensors detect the thickness of materials and adjust the pressing depth of the upper tool as necessary; no calibration and programming necessary.
  • Perfect angles prevent rejects and lessen waste of material and time in custom steel laser cutting. 

Source: ATACO Steel Products press release via PRWeb – February 16, 2021


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