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Bystronic ups the ante with new 15kW laser – PES Media – PES Media

Bystronic ups the ante with new 15kW laser

In order to offer sheetmetal processing companies even better support in an increasingly competitive environment, Bystronic is now advancing into a new dimension of fibre laser cutting with the 15kW ByStar Fiber.

The new machine offers a reliable cutting process even with the high laser output for use across a wide range of applications. The technological leap from conventional 3kW to 12kW systems to the new 15kW is significant.

On average, through the increased power, the cutting speed of the ByStar Fiber has increased by up to 50% when cutting with nitrogen compared to a 10kW laser source. This means that sheetmetal processing companies can benefit from higher productivity at low unit costs. The new machine cuts steel, aluminium, and stainless steel precisely and reliably in thicknesses between 1mm and 30mm, and brass and copper in thicknesses up to 20mm.

The 15kW laser output also enables extended applications in steel and aluminium of up to 50mm and thus offers optimum flexibility for large series and urgent customer orders. Whether cutting aluminium, non-ferrous metals or steel, the high-performance Bystronic cutting head is highly precise processing both thin and thick sheets and profiles.

The new power level is available for the ByStar Fiber 3015, the ByStar Fiber 4020 and new for the ByStar Fiber 6225 and ByStar Fiber 8025.

A BeamShaper function ensures clean cutting edges and high operational reliability across the entire range of sheetmetal qualities with thicknesses up to 30mm. This function can be selected as an option when purchasing a new 15kW ByStar Fiber or added later as an upgrade. The BeamShaper enables the shape of the laser beam to be optimally adapted to thicker sheets and fluctuating sheet metal qualities. In thicknesses between 20 and 30mm, this new functionality enhances the quality of the cutting edges and increases the cutting speed by up to 50% compared to conventional 10kW machines.

Bystronic’s new high-performance flagship is controlled via ByVision cutting software and 21.5-inch touchscreen. Operating the machine is said to be as simple as using a smartphone.

In order to provide an optimal material flow to complement the high speeds offered by laser cutting, Bystronic has a broad selection of automation solutions available for the ByStar Fiber 3015 and 4020. The offer includes loading and unloading systems, sorting solutions, and individually configurable storage systems to integrate with existing manufacturing systems.

ByTrans Modular is the newest loading and unloading solution on offer from Bystronic which can be flexibly adapted to changing order situations and production schedules. Various utilisation scenarios are possible.

As an automation bridge, ByTrans Modular can be integrated between a laser cutting system and material storage in order to direct the material flow. The system can also be used equally well as a standalone solution without a storage connection, to provide the laser cutting system with raw sheetmetal of differing strengths and materials.

ByTrans Modular becomes even more versatile during clean-up with the BySort sorting solution, which Bystronic integrates as an add-on solution on request. Thus, users have the option to clear away sorted, completed parts into an attached storage area or to store them in an additional unloading position next to the laser cutting system.

The latter supports the processing of large series production for example, where individually cut parts need to be sorted separately according to job. A big advantage of BySort is the repeatable, precise storage of all parts in one location – a task that is difficult to complete manually, particularly with large cut parts. The parts, located on a palette, can be processed more easily during subsequent manual and automated processes, as their location is precisely defined.



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