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Prima Power Laserdyne’s fiber laser system – Today’s Medical Developments

The Laserdyne 811 employs the most current hardware and software components for flexible precision laser processing in an affordable compact platform. The machine has the necessary flexibility and precision to perform optimized laser processing on welding, drilling, cutting, and DED additive manufacturing (AM) applications for small to medium-size workpieces. The working envelope is 1100mm x 800mm x 600mm (41.5″ x 31.5″ x 24″) for the X, Y, and Z axes. Each axis has over 50m/sec velocity and acceleration of 1.2g and is optimized for industry-leading floor space efficiency for the work envelope.

The additional two axes of motion provide access to hard-to-reach places in the workpiece, precise beam placement, and flexibility. The BeamDirector has 90rpm rotational speed and control repeatability of 15 arcsecs and supports laser processing from 90° (normal to the surface) to 10° off the surface of a part along the axis of travel.

The S94P CNC provides unprecedented control over the motion system and processing parameters to maximize process quality while providing efficient laser processing. The S94P controller can provide real-time pulse by pulse control, including a unique shape for each individual laser pulse. The S94P controller supports seven axes of simultaneous motion and additional axis as required by automation, enabling easy integration with a variety of automation solutions for workpiece handling, and loading and unloading of components. Laserdyne 811 has the latest standard software, including the full suite of SmartTechniques, and supports Windows version 10, optimizing the laser process and shortening cycle times while improving process quality and consistency.

The Laserdyne 811 supports Industry 4.0 using MTConnect real-time parameter and data streaming along with SPC process data reporting and storage capability.

FastTrim and Fast Suite II CAD/CAM software support full six-axis interpolation and are available with the Laserdyne 811. The CAD/CAM option with the DED AM machine is AMExpress and CAM manufacturing software to produce part programs.

With the BeamDirector and a variety of easy-to-use Laserdyne nozzles, transitions from welding to cutting to drilling and vice versa are performed in a matter of seconds.


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