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Rocklin Mfg.’s MobiLase industrial fiber laser marker offers full portability – The Fabricator

Rocklin Mfg. has introduced MobiLase, an all-in-one, portable fiber laser marking unit housed in a 45-lb. rolling suitcase. This lightweight unit allows industrial-strength laser marking to be brought to the part rather than having to transport parts to a laser marking station. It helps eliminate downtime and the need for elaborate contraptions to mark large parts.

Featuring a 30-W fiber laser and a 100- by 100-mm marking window, the system delivers fast, durable laser markings on nearly any material, from plastics to steel to precious metals. The 7-lb. hand-held applicator is equipped with a trigger to start marking, as well as two bracket options for simplified marking of various part shapes. The brackets also enable rapid focusing from a consistent, repeatable distance, which is further optimized by the laser pointer simulator.

User-friendly software on the touchscreen PC embedded in the suitcase enables a variety of easily programmable, potentially intricate markings, including numbers, letters, and characters; time and date; bar codes, 2D codes, and QR codes; and images, logos, and symbols.

The laser source has up to a 100,000-hour marking lifetime.


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