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3D Surface Laser Engraving Machine

ITRI High Power Fiber Laser Source with latest 3D Surface detection, make possible for all type of surface with this 3D Surface Laser Engraving System

3D Surface Laser Engraving Machine by ITRI Taiwan

ITRI 3D surface for fiber laser engraving machine with integrated ITRI nanosecond pulsed fiber laser source module. The 3D Surface Laser Engraving System available with the average power of 30W/50W/100W laser source to suit for different applications.

The system also possible with variety 3D surface galvanometer group, high-precision Z-axis, control computer and operating interface according to customer demand with optical and mechanical components, such as election With XY sliding table and matching different focal length F-theta mirror group for high-speed surface engraving

Technical Features

  • Full Fiber MOPA structure, anti-vibration, dustproof
  • Metal, Plastic
  • Engraving, Drilling

Product Specification

Laser TypeYb: Fiber Laser
Beam Qualitym² ≤ 1.5
Power Range1064±1 nm
Power Range2 ~ 100%
Output Fiber Length1.5m
Repetition Frequency20~150kHz (Option: 500kHz)
Power Supply100/220VAC
Cooling MethodAir Cooled
Marking Area100mm x 100mm
Scan Speed≤2500 mm/s
Minimum Line Width<0.05mm (Option: <0.03mm)
Minimum Text Size<0.1mm


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