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High Peak Power 50W MOPA Fiber Laser Machine

ITRI 50W Fiber Laser Source for Laser Marker with applicable for wide industry range from Metal Processing, Mobile Casing, and Vehicle Components engraving

ITRI Nano Second High Peak Power 50W MOPA Fiber Laser Source

ITRI design Industry-leading Single Multi-purpose function nano seconds fiber laser source, with the industry’s highest peak power (>50kW).

Metal Processing, Ceramics, and some plastic (Material Dependable).

Plastic Processing: PVC/PBT/PP66/PC/ABS/PE and furthermore.

The machine pre-installed with “Marking Mate” carved software, hence with ITRI’s exclusive built-in process quick switch function. Quick switching between”General”, “Deep Engrave”, “Color Carving”, ” Plastic “,”Aluminum “,”Anodized Aluminum ” and many other processes to reduce the industry R & D test time.

This 50W Fiber Laser Module possible for color engraving function on stainless steel also titanium alloy. The high peak power also makes fastest material removal efficiency while with electric Z-axis can be 0.1-1.0mm rapid metal deep etching.

Technical Features

  • Full fiber architecture, plug, and play,  no adjustment required
  • Maintenance free, 2 years warranty (consumable parts 1-year warranty)
  • Applicable to automated modules

ITRI 50W Fiber Laser Module Sample

50W Laser Sample


ITRI 50W Fiber Lasr Source Optical and General Characteristics
Average Power, W>50 @50k~2000k Hz
Peak Power, W>50k @50k Hz
Beam Quality, M square<1.8
Central Wavelength, nm1064±5
Pulse Energy, mJ>1 @50k Hz
Pulse Repetition Rate, kHz20~2000
Pulse Duration, ns12/25/50/100 (tunable)
Power Tunability, %0~100
Power Stability, %<3
Fiber Length, m1.6
Supply Voltage110/220 VAC, 60 Hz
Guide LightIntegrated


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