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Ultra High Speed PCB Laser Marking Machine

ITRI Rapid PCB Prototyping System, with 50W Nanosecond Fiber Laser able to milling and drilling PCB board. Produce a 10cm x 10cm PCB only within 10 minutes.


Ultra High-Speed PCB Laser Marking Machine

In the past, the mechanical etching process could take up to 4 to 6 hours, today with ITRI Laser Ultra High-Speed PCB Circuit Moulding Machine only takes 30 minutes.

The new Ultra High-Speed PCB Laser Marking Machine significantly improve the productivity while reducing the working hours. The high productivity is suitable for high-speed circuit board proofing use.

38mm x 38mm Laser Printing of PCB Circuit Board within 8 minutes, including of cutting, drilling and marking.

PCB Laser Marking Machine


High Precision Laser Engraving Machine

Technical Features

  • Proofing a 6 x 6cm Circuit Board in just 30 minutes
  • 25um minimum line distance, with a 50um minimum line width
  • No wear and tear, No Noise, No knife changing required
  • Small quantity metal processing, R&D Center and Lab Research
  • 2 Years Warranty for none consumable parts

Product Specification

Maximum Working Area (X/Y)10 x 10cm
Forming Speed7 cm2/min
Laser focusing spot beam diameter25 μm
Minimum Line Width and Distance50 μm/ 25um
Accuracy2 μm
Repeatability±2 μm
Laser Frequency20~2000 kHz
Performance2 ~ 100%
Dimension60 x 70 x 160cm
Power Supply110/220VAC
Cooling TypeAir Cooled
Infrared GuideIntegral
Working Temperature0 ~ 35DegC, 0 ~ 95%RH


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